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Types of Franchise

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Types of Franchise

Franchise Type A : Master Franchise

Master Franchise Area Wise To Support Other Smaller Franchisees. Also Caters To Institutional & Volume Business In Their Respective Territories. Also Supplying To Kiosk / Shops / Home Dely / Institutions – Call Centres / Schools /Colleges / Canteens / Restaurants Etc.

Franchise Type B : Kiosk

These are Medium Size , Stand Alone Kiosk For Supply Of Quick & Fast Food. Can Be Any Where Near Malls / Schools / Colleges / Airport/ Rly. Station / Bus Stops / Picture Halls / Markets / Gardens / Picnik Spots / Highways / Khu Gali – Eat Street – Etc.

Franchise Type C : Shop In Shop

These are Smaller Size Sort Of Part Of A Shop – A Shop In Shop. You Can Set Up A Small Counter In Your Shop For Sales Of Few Selected Snacks.

Franchise Type D : Mobile Food Van

Mobile food industry has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Mobile food trucks serve food to customers in parks, stadiums, festivals and other public venues. Starting a mobile food truck business is similar to running other types of food establishments . A passion for food, the skills to provide quality customer service and the ability adhere to local health regulations can help you run a successful business.

Mobile catering business is a good business idea especially if you are an entrepreneur with a love for food and cooking. The best thing about selling food from a mobile catering truck is that you are not limited to selling in only one area. Mobile kitchens will allow you to reach more customers because you can serve customers from different locations using your mobile catering truck or mobile catering trailer.

In a crowded and an expensive city like Mumbai, establishing a restaurant in a prime location would require a lot of initial investment which can be very difficult and risky to raise for aspiring entrepreneurs. In such a scenario, you can hire a van or invest in a van and use it as a mobile restaurant. This Would Reduce Your Required Capital To A Very Significant Extent And Allow You To Access The Most Prime Locations At Peak Hours.