1. Salad Can Increase Your Hydration Level .
2. Raw Foods In Salads Mean No Loss Of Vitamins And Minerals Due To Cooking .
3. Fiber In Vegetables And Fruits Used For Salads Cleans The Intestines And Colon, Making Nutrient Absorption More Efficient .
4. Use Of Quality Oils In Salad Dressings Can Improve Absorption Of Nutrients And Provide Moisturizing, Anti-Inflammatory Omega Fatty Acids That Benefit Skin .
5. Nutrients In Salad Help Synthesize Collagen, Provide Natural Sun Protective Effects, Protect Against Wrinkling And Sagging Of Skin, Can Improve Dark Under Eye Circles, And Make Skin Glow , Smoother & Younger .
6] Build Your Bones / Rev Up Your Muscles
7] Sharpen Your Eyesight , Keeps You Alert .
9] Protect Your Heart / Reduce Risk Of Diabetes / Fight Breast Cancer
10] Power Salad Lunch Keeps You Going Whole Day With Vigour & Energy  : The Basic Idea Of Dieting By EatingSalad For Lunch Is Based On The Principle That Fewer Calories Consumed Will Cause You To Lose Weight. The Benefits Of Substituting A Salad At Lunch Time Are Increased Fiber And Other Vitamins And Minerals, As Well As Less Sluggishness In The Afternoon From A Heavy Meal.