Introducing First Time Herbl Health Care Kits For I-T Techies & Office Goers

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Natural – Herbal , Now Made With Latest Scientific Technology  With Of 5000 Thousand Years Old Ancient Formulation Ayurveda Formula Produced From Rare Herbs Form Himalayas And Various Other Parts Of World For Best Formulation Tested And Tried

No Synthetic Chemicals –  Like Modern – Allopathic Medicine – So Harmless – Most Ideal For Regular Intake

Health problems and stress in (IT) Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing employees

Employees Working In I-T Industry Are Prone To Develop A Lot Of Health Problems Due To Continuous Physical And Mental Stress Of Their Work.

Diseases Are Either Induced, Sustained Or Exacerbated By Stress. The Common Health Problem Due To Stress Are Acid Peptic Disease, Alcoholism, Asthma, Diabetes, Fatigue, Tension Headache, Hypertension, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Psychoneurosis, Sexual Dysfunction And Skin Diseases Such As Patches ,  Itchy Skin , Rashes Etc  Etc.

Globalization And Privatization Have Brought New Work Relationships, Job Insecurity, Insecurity Regarding Future Working Conditions And Rapid Obsolescence Of Skills Are Causes Of Stress. It Industry Has Become One Of The Fastest Growing Industries In India. Strong Demand Over The Past Few Years Has Placed India Among The Fastest Growing It Markets In Asia-Pacific Region. The Reason For Choosing Particularly I-T  Employees Is That The Level Of Stress These Employees Face Is Comparatively Higher Than Other Employees. Any Kind Of A Job Has Targets, And An Employee Becomes Stressed When He Or She Is Allotted With Unachievable Targets And Are Unable To Manage A Given Situation. Thus, The Main Aim Of This Article Is To Bring To Limelight The Level Of Stress With It .

Lot Of Man Hours Has Been Spent Of Above Problem – Continuous Alopathy , Antidepressant Medication Makes  It More Worst ….

Our Experienced Team Of Doctors , Pharmacists & Psychologists Has Worked Out Special Formulations For I-T Techies And Office Goers For Healthy Life .

You can choose standard kits or

You Can Make Your Own Selected Medicine Kits , What You Feel Is Required By You – No Ill Effects ..