Heavencity Power Therapy Massage Oil ( SPA Luxary )

Enriched With California Orange Oil & Kashmir Lavender Oils For Heavenly Pleasure 


 (Full Body Massage Oil – A Great Relaxant For Heavenly Feeling)

Heavencity Full Therapy Body Massage Oil – A  Power Pack  Of Energy & Relaxation For Both Men & Women


Massage Oil With Almonds , Sesame , Olive Oil With  Combinations of     Lavender , Jasmine , Peppermint , Wintergreen , Rosemary , & Sweet Orange Oils

A Week End After Long & Hard Work Deserves A Good Body And Mind Care.

Heavencity Relaxant  Body Massage  Oil Has Healing Therapy . It Soothes Muscles , Aches & Pain . Encourage  Relaxation  , Penetrates Deep Into Skin To Stimulate The Blood Circulation . It Loosen Tight Tendons & Gives You Heavenly Feeling .

Aromatherapy For RelaxationAromatherapy Has Been Used For Centuries As An Alternative Medicine That Safely And Effectively Treats Numerous Ailments. Must For Modern Age Living To Rejuvenate Body & Soul.

Heavencity Power Massage Oil : Most Used At Health Clubs , Gym , Spa , Resorts , Five Star Hotels , Ayurveda Rejuvenation Centers , Massage Centers , Beaches – Holidays – Travelers , Strength Recovery After Illness . Meditation Centers. Women After Child Birth , Airlines Staff , Corporate Executives , Sportsmen , Athletes  ( available in bulk packings also )


Relaxing Essential Oils For Body , Soul & Stress Buster


10 Benefits Of Essential Oils

1. Improve Mood And Set A Positive Atmosphere – Stimulates The Mind

2. Benefits Of Essential Oils For Relaxation And Sleep

3. Inflammation Relief

4. Benefits Of Essential Oils For Pain Relief

5. Prevent Certain Illnesses And Boost The Immune System

6. Heal Skin Irritations

7. Safer Alternative To Candles And Incense

8. Improves Blood Circulation

9. Makes You Feel Light And Vibrant

10. Clears & Brightens Up Mind – A   Complete  Rejuvenation And Healing


It Is Stimulating & Enjoyable , Improves Nervous System , Refreshing , Youthful , Tireless Feeling , Bursting With Energy , Mind & Soul Control, Vigour , Supper Charge Your Energies & Radiant & Confident Look

Ingrediants: Sweet Almond Oil , Sweet Orange Oil  , Coconut Oil , Olive Oil , Castor Oil , Seasame Seed Oil ,  Lavender Oil , Ginger Oil , Celery Seed Oil , Jasmine Oil , Chamomile Oil , Frankincense Oil , Apricot Kernel Oil , Black Pepper Oil , Turmeric Oil , Cardamom Oil

Lavender : For Calming

Sweet Almond Oil :

Glows Skin . Your Heart Needs It. Even Your Colon Needs It! Almond Oil Takes The Mighty, Nutrition-Rich Almonds And Transforms It Into A Powerful Oil With Incredible Benefits. Great For Your Skin And Hair – Full Of Vitamins .

Apricot Kernel Oil :

  • Moisturizes The Skin
  • Improves Hair Health
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Treats Acne
  • Improves Respiratory Health
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Celery Seed Essential Oil:
  • 1. Excellent Detoxification Agent
  • 2. Offers Pain Relief
  • 3. Potent Anti-Hypertensive Agent
  • 4. Improves Digestive Health
  • 5. Powerful Insecticide Agent
  • Chamomile – Excellent For Its Calming Effect
  • Lemon – Uplifting, Bright, Mood-Elevating
  • Sweet Orange Oil : Orange Oil Is Extensively Utilized In Aromatherapy As It Helps Soothe Tensed Muscles As Well As Depression
  • The Orange Promotes A Feeling Of Happiness And Warmth When Used In Aromatherapy. It Helps In The Elimination Of Toxins In The Body And Deals Well With Digestive Problems
  • Jasmine & Chamomile Oil : Essential Oil Can Be Attributed To Its Properties As An Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Antispasmodic, Cicatrizant, Expectorant, Galactagogue , Emmenagogue, Parturient, Sedative, Relieves Depression , , Reduces Cough , Treats Insomnia , Skin Care , Fades Scar Marks
  •  Helps Support Healthy Immune System Function 

Heavencity Power Therapy Massage Oil  Is Used At Most Of Turkish Spa


Relaxing Massage

A Relaxing Massage, Thanks To A Soft Touch, Slow And Enveloping, Promotes Relaxation And Balancing Body And Mind. The Approach Is Extremely Sweet And Light, It Gradually Helps To Ease Tension And Stress-Related Fatigue, Stretching The Muscle Tissues And Detoxifying The Body. The Deep Relaxation That Follows Makes This Massage Warm And Cozy Like An  Embrace. 

Relaxing Massage
A Relaxing Massage,  Thanks To A Soft Touch, Slow And Enveloping, Promotes Relaxation And Balancing Body And Mind. The Approach Is Extremely Sweet And Light, It Gradually Helps To Ease Tension And Stress-Related Fatigue, Stretching The Muscle Tissues And Detoxifying The Body. The Deep Relaxation That Follows Makes This Massage Warm And Cozy Like An Embrace.

Circulatory Massage
This Massage Maintains Tissue Elasticity And Prevents Aging. The Maneuvers Are Carried Out In Order To Facilitate The Return Of Blood, Venous And Lymphatic Systems, By Acting On Nerve Endings And On The Muscle Spindles. It Promotes The Re absorption Of Liquids. It Has Also A Beneficial Effects On The Cells Giving Them More Oxygen And Detoxifying Them, This Improves The Appearance Of Skin Which Returns To Its Natural Elasticity.

Decontracting Essential Oils Massage
In Addition To The Classical Extension Of The Whole Body, This Massage Devotes Particular Attention To The Contractions Of The Back And The Lumbar Area. Featuring Relaxing And Stretching Maneuvers, It Helps To Ease Tension And Pain. Essential Oils Are Precious Fluids, Natural Extracts Of Countless Varieties Of Plants, They Give You Energy And Care For Your Skin And Are Good For The Body And The Spirit. They Have Countless Holistic And Aromatherapeutic Properties Known Throughout The World For Their Value, Being Highly Volatile They Reach Our Senses Easyly Providing A Distensive Action And Relax.

Lymphatic Massage
The Lymphatic Drainage Has The Purpose Of Draining The Accumulated Fluids Of The Lymphatic System. Through Slow Maneuvers And Delicate Increases Of The Scroll Speed Of The Lymph It Eliminates The Excess Fluids In Different Parts Of The Body. It Lowers The Cellulite. We Suggest At Least One Cycle Of 10 Massages. Our Masseuses Will Advise On The Duration Of The Sessions.

Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurvedic Medicine (Science Of Life) Was Born In India 3,000 Years Ago And Is Based On A Concept Of “Holistic” Approach That Considers The Human Body Inseparable From The Mind. Its Main Purpose Is To Restore The Body’s Balance. It’s Considered A Great Tool To Combat Stress And A Good Enhancer Of Natural Defenses. Among The Most Important Properties Of This Massage Are The Activation Of Blood Circulation And The Beneficial Action On The Entire Spine And Nervous System. With The Ayurvedic Massage You Can Gradually Get Back In Touch With The Deepest Part Of Yourself, That’s Why The Ayurvedic Massage Is Also Called “The Massage Of The Soul”.

Foot Reflexology
Specific Energy Channels That Run Through The Body Are Stimulated Through Acupressure. The Therapist Follows A “Map” Of These Points Starting From The Toes And Ending At The Bead. Connecting The Painful Reflex Points To A Particular Organ, Malaise Can Be Treated At All Times Through Acupressure. The Scope Of Reflexology Is Vast, Ranging From The Treatment Of Depression And Stress To Digestive Problems, Menstrual Cycle, Painful Cystitis And Headaches. We Recommend Two Massages Per Week For At Least Two To Three Months.