Heavencity Head & Shoulder Massage Oil

( SPA Luxary )

चमपी तेल मालिश

Heavencity Head & Shoulder Massage Oil Has Special Ingrediants For Heavenly Feel

Enriched With California Orange Oil & Kashmir Lavender Oils For Heavenly Pleasure 

Once A Week Oil Head Massage Will Give Ever Shine On Hair , Your Face And Make You Feel On Seventh  Heaven Massage Boost Your Energy levels & You Can Walk With Confidence  Massage  Enhances Blood Circulation –  A Healthy Mind Is A Key To Success Fastest Way To Improve Someone’s State Of Mind

Why Does Head Massage Feel So Incredibly Good? It’s Magic Touch With Combination Essential Oils Combination

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Top Benefits From Getting A Regular Scalp Massage

  1.  It Lubricates And Conditions The Scalp

Dry hair starts from dry scalp. If you don’t want dry and flaky scalp along with brittle and straw-like strands, keeping your scalp properly lubricated is the key. If you’re prone to dry scalp, a once a week oil massage helps balance that out.

  1.  It Helps Enhance Blood Circulation

Use the tips of your fingers to give your scalp a gentle massage. You should feel your fingers dig into the scalp, and really massage that skin to stimulate an increase in your circulation. Having proper blood circulation in your head and neck area doesn’t only loosen tight areas but boosts hair growth too.

  1.  It Helps Strengthen The Roots Of The Hair

When your hair roots are healthy, you’re less likely to suffer from hair fall. Scalp massage helps strengthen current hair and nourishes your scalp for healthy growth of new hairs.

  1.  It Helps Soften And Condition The Hair

We all know that applying oil onto your hair helps soften and condition hair. But did you know that it’s even better if you massage it to your scalp thoroughly? That’s because, with the help of massaging it in a circular motion with your warm fingers, it’s easier for the scalp to absorb the oil’s nutrients.

  1.  It Spreads The Natural Oils Of The Hair

Your scalp produces natural oil through the sebaceous glands. Getting a scalp massage helps distribute that natural oil from the scalp throughout the entire hair to increase vibrancy and luster.

  1.  It Helps Improve Hair’s Resilience

Your hair becomes more prone to breakage and other damages because of the heat from the sun, constant styling, and brushing the hair while wet makes hair. But incorporating scalp massage into your hair care help your hair build resilience over time.

  1.  It Is Replenishing And Rejuvenating

Instead of going to the salon for expensive hair treatments, sometimes all your hair needs is a relaxing scalp massage to bring the life back to your dry and damaged hair.

  1.  It’s Relaxing

Do not underestimate the ability of scalp massages to calm your spirit and relax your body. Yes, even when it’s just your scalp being massaged, surprisingly, it makes you feel like the stress in your body is evaporating.

  1.  Helps Promote Sound Sleep

Do you toss and turn in bed every night? Try getting a scalp massage! You’ll go out of the clinic with a vibrant hair and find it much easier to sleep.

  1.  Control Oily Scalp

Do you think warm oil scalp massage is only for dry scalp? Wrong! Even greasy hair can benefit from it because oil breaks down oil. It may sound counterintuitive but when you massage oil into your scalp, your sebaceous gland will assume it has enough moisture so it stops from producing more oil.

11. Detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

The lymphatic system is our body’s wastage. The body takes what it needs and excretes waste in the lymphatic system which needs to be moved to the lymph nodes to be removed from the body. Head massages are a great way to drain the lymphatic nodes and boost our immune system. A massage stimulates the blood flow to the neck and thus helps in removing the waste products from the body.

12. Relief from migraine.

A lot of people suffer from migraines on a regular basis because of the tensions in the upper back, neck, and head. A massage can release muscles and knots by applying pressure on certain areas and thus leading to better blood flow. It reduces headaches by encouraging better flow of cerebral fluid. It also decreases the occurrences of headaches due to tension, sleep disturbances and stress.

13. Cures symptoms of sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia

The modern lifestyles comes with many drawbacks. Not being able to find time for self and always being deeply immersed in tedious work are few of them. People tend to be so busy that they ignore the obvious signs of major issues like insomnia and ill eating habits. If these signs are ignored, they may lead to major health issues. Head massages will immediately provide relief by attacking the physical symptoms, thus allowing for a deeper sense of well-being and relaxation and opening your body to better rest.

14. Boosts memory capabilities.

Our mind is preoccupied with the thoughts of the day that are mostly disorganized. At times we forget little details that are crucial to us. Forgetting things at home while leaving for work or slipping of important dates are some of the examples of a mind full of disorganized thoughts. This happens mainly because of our lack of concentration and the overloaded thoughts that hamper us from functioning efficiently. A healthy mind is a key to success. Head massages increase the flow of blood to your nervous system and can soothe your mind and empty your mind of all thoughts. It relieves you from emotional stress and supplies oxygen to the brain and thus it enhances your senses, promoting clear thinking. You will feel light and calmness will take over you. Your concentration capabilities will rise leading to better retention of memories and thoughts.

15. Better breathing.

Massage plays an important role in training the body to relax and help improve breathing. Respiratory issues, such as allergies, sinus problems, asthma and bronchitis, are the conditions that can benefit from massage therapy. The front and back muscles of the upper body are the tools for breathing when these muscles are tight or shortened, they can restrict your normal breathing patterns.  Head massage techniques are used to lengthen and relax the muscles to improve breathing capacity for proper functioning. If you have any respiratory issues like asthma, head massages are a great option.

16. Slows down heart rate and reduces blood pressure.

High blood pressure has no symptoms and thus it is called the silent killer. High blood pressure can be anyone’s problem, however, women are more prone to the situation. Massages are a natural way to deal with high blood pressure problems and the side effects are minimal. Studies have shown that consistent massages can decrease the risk of fluctuating blood pressure and decrease stress hormone levels, hence lowering down the chances of heart attacks or kidney failures.

17. Helps with emotional stress and hormone fluctuations.

Head massages help kick start the relaxation processes. Stress hormones can lead to sleeplessness and even digestive problems. The body can produce an unhealthy amount of stress hormones with the current lifestyle. Head massages can decrease the level of stress hormones and help the body enter the state of utter relaxation and switch you to rest mode. The results include lasting relaxation and calm mind throughout the day. In addition to reducing stress, the massage can reduce pain, increase energy levels and improve overall physical and mental performance

19. Healthy hair growth.

Head massage stimulates the blood flow towards the hair roots. It opens up the blood vessels on the scalp and helps in better absorption by blood vessels. Essential oils can be used during the head massage to increase hair growth rate. Using oils can also help with hair problems such as skin flakes or dandruff. If you have a bad dandruff problem, then a nice head massage followed by combing the scalp can get rid of flakes. When there are no more flakes,  a head massage is sure to promote hair growth. Regularly massaging your head with the right technique can increase the chances of your hair growth to double.


Close-up of a man relaxing with eyes closed during head massage at the spa.